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EVA - a multipurpose text editor

EVA is a software tool for Microsoft Windows platform, applicable to various situations, written and (c) by P. Jakopin. It is a text editor with 16-bit character set that includes Western and Eastern European Latin characters, Greek, Cyrillic and Glagolic characters, a lot of diacritics and many characters, used in dialectological and dictionary-preparation environments. The editor lines can be interpreted as a database, with a range of capabilities such as sorting and searching as well as many extras such as anagrams, concordances, breaking of text into a database of words or sentences. Simple desktop publishing functions, based on page preview, as well as computer aided instruction - CAI module, are also included.

EVA is available:

EVA comes in 3 languages - English, German and Slovenian. The Microsoft Windows version is accessible from this page, compressed in zipped format. The basic EVA is contained in two files, EVA.EXE, the program itself and EVA.RSF, the resource file which is language dependent and comes in 3 versions for the abovementioned languages.

To install EVA on your PC, open a directory, C:\Program Files\EVA for instance, download the EVA.EX (has to be renamed to EVA.EXE after download) or EVA_EXE.ZIP (both 24 June 2008) file to that directory, followed by the EVA.RSF or EVA_EN_R.ZIP (English resource file, both 24 June 2008) or EVA_GER.RSF (to be renamed to EVA.RSF after download) or EVA_GE_R.ZIP (German resource file, 28 March 2005, translated and modified by Ulrich Beck from Heilbronn) or EVA_SI_R.ZIP (Slovenian resource file, 12 May 2003). Upon completion of download, decompress or rename the executable and the resource file and create a shortcut on desktop, pointing to EVA.EXE file.

Last version of .EXE for DOS (3 January 2000) file can also be downloaded.

Available documentation is listed below, in respective language.




From the handbook (the yellow book) of EVA's immediate predecessor, STEVE, there is one chapter (in English):

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