Laze, Inner Carniola

        Laze of this page is a village, situated at 45°52' N, 14°16' E, 460 m above sea level, about halfway from Vienna to Florence. It is in Slovenia, on the nothern rim of Planinsko polje, one of the most known intermittent (seasonal) karstic lakes.
        Laze in general is the most common village and place name (47 instances) in Slovenia. The name comes from laz, a cleared plot of land in the forest with a meadow. Though the name of the village on this page is just Laze, Laze pri Logatcu is often used to locate it faster.
        Laze in brief: 80 homes, 290 inhabitants, school (classes 1-4), grocery store, dairy, bakery, pub, speleo-camp, bus station, railway station (named Planina). The village is 4 miles from A 10 highway (also labeled E 70 & E 61, Ljubljana-Postojna, exit Logatec, turn left at the first junction, sign Rakek). Besides its location at the Planinsko polje, Laze is famous for over 150 underground caves in the immediate vicinity. In the sixties of the past century inner parts of Najdena jama have been discovered and the importance of the area with Laze at its center has for some of us grown to almost mystical proportions.
        Laze is a nice place to stay, a bit secluded yet well connected, an hour or less from best destinations in Slovenia, close to the sea, not far from the Alps.

What there is to see about Laze:

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