Primoz Jakopin

NEVA - interNet version of EVA

  1. About NEVA
  2. Availability
  3. Instructions for Use
  4. Command Summary

About NEVA

NEVA is a searching program, installed on a Microsoft Windows-based Internet server which handles requests, posted by a browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or equivalent, over CGI (Common Gateway Interface). It has been written and is maintained by P. Jakopin who also owns the copyright (c). NEVA is based on EVA, multipurpose text/data editor and handles its data or text files, standard or indexed. Some familiarity with EVA or its predecessor, STEVE, especially the mailing list procedures, is strongly recommended before any serious attempt is made to use NEVA.


As EVA, NEVA is:

Instructions for use

To use an English version of NEVA, download the program itself: NEVA.EXE or NEVA.EX (to be renamed NEVA.EXE after downloading) or NEVA_EN.ZIP file. The latter contains: To use NEVA on a MS Windows based server, compose the relevant files (equivalents of ADRIA.HTML, ADRIA.CFG, ADRIA.EVA and ADRIA.RSF) to a suitable directory, which must have the "Execute" privilege enabled, and copy the NEVA.EXE file there as well.
For local testing, copy all the mentioned files in a suitable directory on a Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP based PC, and add an EVA file NEVA.EXP. It should contain only one line with the search expression. Resulting file will be placed into the NEVA_OUT.HTML file, which can be viewed locally with the browser, such as MS Internet Explorer. To activate the program locally, move to MS-DOS prompt (Start->Programs->MS DOS), select the proper directory and type:

neva adria local

(or use the name of your data file instead of ADRIA)

Command Summary

NEVA also includes a command interpreter. It accepts the following EVA commands:

31. read file, type to be determined by EVA
34. clear the current RAM file
113. insert block
118. internal sort
303. mailing list - layout from the block
307. mailing list - layout from the menu
329. sequential db searching
370. select fields
864. read EVA file
865. read STEVE file
866. read ASCII file
1088. read a HTML file from disk (using charset given in it), insert it at the file beginnging and put it into block
1089. simple frequencies - one line records only - from cursor to file end
1090. print the file contents out
1091. compose the schedule (urnik)

This page and NEVA are maintained and copyright by P. Jakopin. Page posted on 31 October, 1999; last change of the page and of the executables: 22 February, 2009.