Tourist club Lanski vrh


Slovensko Tourist club Lanski vrh has been founded on behalf of the villages Laze, Jakovica and Grčarevec on the northern rim of Planinsko polje. TC Lanski vrh started in 2001; its name comes from the highest hilltop (582 m) of the forest, stretching in the West-East direction from Grčarevec to Laze, above the sinkholes of the Unica river (click here to see the map, adapted from Interaktivni naravovarstveni atlas of Slovenian environment agency).
         Planinsko polje is the second most important and famous karstic polje in Slovenia, the land where karst and its phenomena are coming from. It is situated about halfway from Vienna to Florence. Besides Planinsko ploje the place is famous for the multitude of underground caves - in Lanski vrh forest there are 150 in less than 1 hour walking distance. The majority of the caves are potholes, from 10 to 30 metres deep, yet there are some larger caves, extinct or active carriers of the underground waters of the Unica river. The longest are Najdena jama (6 km) and Logarček (2.5 km), well known and of spectacular beauty are also Skednena jama, Vranja jama and Mačkovica. Lanski vrh is also on the migration path of the brown bear ( Ursus arctos arctos), while moving from the central range to the westernmost European habitat in the adjacent forests.
         Chairperson of the TC Lanski vrh is Silvia Ilič from Laze.





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